Solute Carriers in cancer

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Solute Carrier proteins (SLCs) are the largest family of membrane transporters in the human genome. They orchestrate the import and export of nutrients and metabolites and therefore play a key role in cellular metabolism and growth. In cancer, SLCs are frequently overexpressed to meet the increased metabolic needs of malignant cells. Next to their potential as therapeutic targets, they also play important roles as drug transporters and as mediators of established anti-cancer agents.

Our lab focuses primarily on cell surface SLCs in hematological malignancies such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. We are interested in elucidating the (aberrant) proteostatic and metabolic regulation driving their expression in cancer as well as their impact on cellular differentiation, cancer initiation and progression. Based on these mechanistic insights, we aim to establish respectivce SLCs as biomarkers and therapeutic targets alone or as part of combinatorial approaches to improve and broaden the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in hematological cancer. To achieve this, we combine various approaches from genetic screens via proteomics and metabolics analyses to imaging studies, advanced protein biochemistry and cell biological methods. Analyses of patient-derived primary material and preclinical mouse models complement the experimental spectrum and strengthen the translational impact.


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Dr. med.
Ruth Eichner, PhD
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Laboratory: TranslaTUM

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