Molecular Oncology
and Cell Death

Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. Philipp Jost

Research Interests

The aim of our research group “Molecular Oncology” is to elucidate the basic principles restricting cell death in cancer and their relevance for clinical translation.

Our research group studies the regulation of cell death in healthy and malignant cells. The focus of our work is the understanding of cell death mechanisms and their regulation in tumor cell initiation, tumor maintenance and resistance mechanisms. As model systems we employ genetic deletion or pharmacologic inhibition of individual cell death regulating proteins in various murine tumor models. In addition, we also employ spatiotemporal deletion of individual cell death regulating proteins for characterization of their role in tumor initiation and maintenance. Moreover, we place a specific focus on the rapid translation of murine data into patients.


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Prof. Dr.
Philipp Jost
Principal Investigator

Laboratory: TranslaTUM

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